5 Ways How To Make A Guy Love You

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How to Make a Guy Love YouDo you wonder if the guy of your dreams is in love with you yet? And do you find yourself thinking of how to make a guy love you? If that is a yes, we can help you find the answer to this very important question.

Follow some of these tips and you’ll get your wish of making your guy love you.

Know what his Criteria is

Try to get to know his criteria and then try to fulfill some of it.

The fact that you possess qualities he likes in a girl will increase his attraction to you.

This will also do well to increase your compatibility with him, as he will consider you to be all he was looking for.

If you have what he has always wanted in a woman, there will instantly be a connection between you, something that can translate into love eventually.

Be interested in getting to know him

Be interested in knowing the real him.

This will indicate to him that you want more than the physical intimacy.

Important in how to make a guy love you is making the attempt to know about his background and likes and dislikes.

This way, he will feel comfortable about opening up to you.

You’ll also come to know things both of you have in common.

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Dress up for him

One of the key tips on how to make a man fall deeply in love with you is to look beautiful.

Looking beautiful and gorgeous in front of him is going to increase his attraction and appreciation for you.

Even if he loves your personality, looking beautiful will act as extra reminder of his appeal and attraction to you.

In social situations, this will make him proud and grateful that you are with him and you like him more than you do any other guy.

Be Yourself

If you want to work on how to make a guy love you, never pretend to be someone you are not.

Being your own confident self will make him appreciate you more.

There is no worst turn off for a guy than fakery.

If he finds out you are faking a part of your personality, he would not want to be with you.

Rather, show him the real you that he can be himself with.

This way, you will both appreciate and love each other for the real personality, the good and the bad.

Make being with your guy memorable moments by doing things that will make you laugh.

Have fun with him even if it means doing a few stupid things to get a laugh.

When you share some of the happiest moments with each other, you can also go through the more stressful serious times by smiling and coping.

When a guy can always rely on you to make him happy, he’ll need you and love you.

Now that you have found out how to make a guy love you, all you have to do is be yourself and be happy because now you have your dream of true love in your palms

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