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36vibes provides information and entertainment in different forms via different channels absolutely free to Our numerous followers and visitors from all across the world especially Africa.

You can provide support to us for our hardworking putting into the system with a lot of effort to create new quality content everyday to you audience at free of charge.

No small amount is not appropriate you can support at any inconveniences fee that won’t affect you to keep serving you better with quality Content. The essential of doing this is to keep the platform up and running and for other features put in plan to add to the platform in future. So support us today



You can payment to any account listed below

1. Paypal: [email protected]

2. Bitcoin31sTJJjXNZNSTCPt5mNtQ6nSugN5p8svSJ

If you are a Nigerian that can’t make payment to any of details above you can chat up or sent mail our financial department for proper payment method.

Message on Whatsapp here  or Via our Contact Us page

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