How to Get the Guy You Want

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Find Out How to Get the Guy You WantIs there a guy you like and want him to be yours? Do you fantasize about him and want him to want you in return? Now consider your problem solved with our useful tips on how to get the guy you want.

Give him the smile

Nothing works like the wonder of a smile does.

If you like a guy and wish to let him know that, smile at him.

It’s the one thing that a guy cannot resist.

Smiling at him will also mean that you are signaling to him that if he were to make a move, you will welcome his advances.

Chances are that he might even like you himself and may be hesitant about your feelings.

A smile always removes that uncertainty.

Cross paths with him and play it cool

If you want to know ways to get the guy you want, you ought to do this.

You can always use more and more chances of coming into contact with the guy you like.

The best way to do this is to cross paths with him, but do it naturally and casually so it doesn’t look too obvious.

This gives you the chance to strike a little conversation.

The trick is to play it cool and just go with the flow.

Compliment him

If you like a guy and he does something for you, compliment him to let him know how much you like what he did for you.

If guys do something for you, they like to be complimented about how well they did it.

To him, it means he pleased you.

And pleasing is one of the things guys want to do most for a woman.

Let him do the work

Always making attempts to set time for going out or do things together may make you look desperate.

If you want to see how to get the guy you want, let him pursue you a little.

Play a little hard to get so that he discovers you are important and not desperate, as this can be a huge turnoff.

Don’t Pretend

One of the important ways on how to get the guy you want is to not try to be someone you are not.

This is true in terms of appearance as well as habits.

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Deception is something that never does work and if a guy discovers you are being fake, then you can hardly ever have a chance with him.

Do what you like to do, the way you like to do it so that he is attracted to the real you.

Take the right actions

To get the guy you want, use your actions to convey your feelings, if you think it’s too soon for words.

Smile at him often.

Glance towards him and look him in the eyes while talking to him.

Laughing at his jokes is also part of this.

If you want a guy to notice you, these pointers on ways to get the guy you want can be really valuable for you.

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